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Family Law

We believe Family Law represents a sensitive subject and that is why our attorney teams at Alpine Legal Group focus on each unique situation by providing both professional and efficient legal services. We offer our clients comprehensive, affordable and detail-oriented approach in resolving their legal issues. Time and money are also sensitive matters to most of our clients, and that is the reason why we try to resolve cases as quickly as possible at affordable fees. The most affordable services we provide are mediation and collaborative divorce.

Unfortunately, there are cases in which further investigation and research is needed or in which families do not wish to go for a peaceful breakup. In most cases, situations such as these end up in a court room where our clients either go for a full-blown trial or for various hearings. Either way, our attorneys are prepared to assist clients in difficult cases, each time when a mediator cannot help both parties come to a peaceful settlement or agreement. In cases such as these, our attorneys will proceed towards family law litigation.We are prepared to fight with all we have got for our client’s best interest and for justice. Of course, family law is a sensitive subject, many cases involving children. In order to protect them, we are prepared for both simple and difficult situations, including the following:

  • Stepparent Adoptions (when one or more children are involved/for orphans/single-parent
  • Juvenile Court Law (when your child is involved in illegal activities or when your child is a victim of such illegal activities)
  • Enforcement / Contempt for cases involving divorce decree or parentage orders
  • Alimony, Visitation, Child Support and other Modifications
  • Paternity, Protective Orders and Restraining Orders for your child’s safety and protection
  • Guardianships and adoptions from relatives and other family members
  • Immigration Family Law for events happening in the lives of immigrant families
  • Education Law for children, including Discipline facilities and Special Education programs

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