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The Alpine Legal Group is experienced in a variety of legal practice areas, including personal and business. In what concerns family issues, we have the best legal team to deal with Family Law and dispute resolution planning, including Mediation.

Our professional external connections are certified in mediation training, co-parenting and custody issues for high conflict divorce cases. Our goal is to restore freedom and peace in the lives of our clients. However, regaining freedom and leaving the old life back is not an easy process, therefore we are always ready for demanding legal assistance and difficult law suits, unpredicted situations and “out of the ordinary” cases. Our attorney teams are very experienced in litigating complex family law matters. To add more, our law team holds a professional track of trials and hearings with successful results. Our trial wining rates say it all: we are prepared to research and gather the necessary evidence in order to support the legal strategies the client requests. All is done for the sake of our clients, as we wish to offer them a solution to resolve their family issues or any other personal or business related matters. We synchronize our goal with our client’s goal: obtaining the most suited outcome with little financial and time costs.

Our practice areas include but are not limited to the following types of cases:

  • High-conflict Cases
  • Complicated Cases
  • Sensitive Cases (the case of custody, child support, parenting)

We successfully resolved issues in all major practice areas, all done in a timely and efficient manner. Cases worth mentioning include:

  • Divorce, Divorce Debt and Asset Division
  • Prenuptial Agreements, Orders Modifications, Protective Orders
  • Child Custody, Parenting, Adoptions, Guardianship, Co-Parenting
  • Visitation, Child Support Modifications

Contact us at Alpine Legal Group to arrange a private, confidential meeting with our legal advisors and attorneys. We can work together in resolving your legal matters.

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