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Civil Litigation

At Alpine Legal Group, we also provide civil litigation and dispute resolution services for clients who seek justice on their side. Our professional legal team is formed of attorneys with qualified objective expertise in terms of legal and financial aspects. Our services include the following 7 major civil litigation sectors:

  1. Initial business value and economic damage assessments
  2. Examinations of various types of fraud
  3. Continuous assistance in terms of settlement development and negotiations.
  4. In-depth analysis of business transactions and financial reports/situations between the parties involved in the legal case
  5. Continuous assistance in the research and discovery process
  6. Preparations of every necessary trial samples
  7. Expert witness testimonies in trial/court room

Our legal teams are formed of professionals and detail-oriented law experts able to communicate in terms of financial matters and law suit complexity. We have Certified Accounting specialists who can examine the financial reports of the client and become expert witnesses in court.

Our forensic accounting services and fraud audits will assist our clients in court and identify misusage of financial assets. To add more, we will handle the large volumes of financial data involved in this process, including organizing and managing financial data reports, reconstructing needed accounting records and analyzing highly complex transactions. This data can serve in pleading our client’s case to the judge and juries in court room.

In a law suit, our clients need our legal assistance not only in the settlement and negotiation process, but also in interrogation and response evaluation process. Among these services, we also offer continuous assistance in the document preparations for potential appeals and final settlement processes. Last, but not least, our attorneys offer legal assistance in mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution processes such as business and commercial litigation, family law and personal injury. Contact us for any dispute resolutions and civil litigation situations.

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