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Michael T. Bringhurst


Michael T. Bringhurst

Michael T. Bringhurst

As an attorney in Utah, I have spent most of my 17 year legal career helping people through difficult times, working with people who are facing a nasty divorce, a failed business, or an emotional legal battle that is taking a toll on their personal lives.

Many lawyers are good at dealing with legal issues and some are good at dealing with difficult emotional situations, but in my experience not many Utah attorneys can handle both for very long. I have dealt with just about every situation imaginable and what you will get with me is a fair analysis of your legal situation and let you know my advice in dealing with your legal problem and a fair analysis of what it will cost to pursue it, but I will also help you understand the emotional toll that a divorce or other civil litigation can take.

I have had a lot of success in working through legal issues and cases with my clients short of going to court and I can promise that any resolution that the parties can come up with, whether through formal mediation or compromising and working out a deal together, the resolution is always more favorable than leaving it up to the judge. However, there are many times where my clients haven't had choice and we have had to go to court and fight for their legal rights and I have done that many times with great success.

If I am not in Court or at the office, you will likely find me outside enjoying all that Utah offers. I love to ski in the winter and mountain bike in the summer. I also love to travel and can't think of a place that I wouldn't love to go and explore. I am a big fan of the Utes, Redskins, Nationals, Real Salt Lake and the Jazz, and my wife and I try and go see a big tennis tournament every year if we can. No matter your legal battle or difficulty, if you need a Utah Divorce Lawyer or a litigation attorney, I would love the chance to sit with you or your referrals for a free one hour initial consultation and if it is not a case I can handle, I would be able to refer to one of many quality attorneys here in Utah. There is nothing worse than getting a bad attorney, or a lawyer that you cannot communicate with. I look forward to hearing from you.

What people say?

Mike was wonderful to work with, he took a genuine interest in me and my case. He was very understanding to my needs, and offered good sound professional legal advice. He is excellent and knowledgeable, and would highly recommend him. Thanks Mike.

Steve S

What people say?

Mike is an honest attorney. He is very knowledgeable, communicates clearly and has high ethics. I am happy to recommend him. Worth every penny!

Andrea S.

What people say?

Michael has been my divorce , personal, and business attorney. He has been successful in my favor, everytime we have had an issue or had to appear in court. The thing I like the best. Is that I get to speak to him. Even though, he has assistants- he takes my calls and talks with me whenever I need him(sometimes it has been crazy hours) you are not just a case number to him. You are a person and he really cares about my well being and the well- being of my three children. I would highly recommend him to everyone I know!!!! Thanks!

Brynn M.

What people say?

Stop looking....this is the man you want. During my divorce mediation he actually told me "You can go after the money, but after litigation fees and taxes you would only get 1/4th" Then he counseled me on a better way to proceed.This is one example of how Mr. Bringhurst helped me navigate the legal waters and make prudent decisions time after time.

Jonathan R.

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We will be honest with you in our analysis of your situation and once you have chosen a course of action, we will support you and pursue your case with all of our energy and legal skills.

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We connect and communicate with our clients on a deeper level than you normally find in the legal field and we look forward to meeting with you and helping to resolve the legal issues you are facing.

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We will not encourage you to pursue a course of action that will result only in increasing your attorney's fees.